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Western Powders, Inc. has been one of North America’s leading distributors of gun powders since 1972. Every product they develop under the Western Powders name meets the highest standards for performance and reliability. They proudly support the freedom to bear arms and strive to make hunting and recreational shooting more enjoyable for every one of their customers. Western Powders: Premium Shooting and Gun Care Products.

Hornady has been an industry leader in bullet design and innovation since 1949. “Ten Bullets Through One Hole” was the philosophy adopted by the company’s founder, Mr. Joyce Hornady, and continues right through today. Consistent quality, accuracy and performance are, and always will be the hallmarks of all Hornady products.

For over a decade, Global Rescue has provided individuals, families, enterprises, and governments with critical medical, security, information, and intelligence needed to avoid and respond to crises. Since our founding in 2004, Global Rescue has grown to become the recognized leader in travel risk, crisis management, and response services. We are the only fully integrated provider of medical, security, intelligence and communication.

Klymit is a solutions company that challenges traditional approaches to the conception and fabrication of outdoor goods. Klymit was conceived under the idea that the experience of outdoor enthusiasts can be enhanced with new technologies and a different approach that yield quantifiably comfortable products. Klymit reset the benchmarks for the industry with regard to camping pads. Utilizing body mapping technology and loft pockets and has changed your comfort and performance expectations. Our camping pads are hands down the lightest and most compact in the industry, and capture the warmth of your sleeping bag underneath you for the first time. The durability and ease of use of these camping pads are unmatched. Klymit is focused on one thing: being your best choice for the most comfortable, rugged, and lightweight camping gear available. We are comfort innovators.

Our preservation techniques ensure the most accurate and lifelike representations for display in some of the most discriminating trophy rooms and museums around the world. Whether your requirements are professional, educational or for sport, Jonas Brothers Studios are recognized experts who are intimately familiar with proper anatomy, dissection, sculpture, and painting. We combine century old technique with cutting edge technology to produce fine art pieces that are admired and appreciated around the world. Jonas Brothers Studios have works found in The Museum of Natural History in New York, George Eastman House, the Melbourne Museum and quite possibly your or your neighbor’s trophy room or den.

True Magnum, being powered by professionals, has the tools that a travelling hunter needs to make their trip as safe, successful and as enjoyable as possible.  From a packing tool, an online hunt research catalog, hosted hunt opportunities, cancellation savings opportunities, travel assistance covering the full gammet of travel including expediting, gun permits, insurance, visas, and communications and finally a hardcore gear store where you find those items suited to your mission which are impossible to find in any one place.   True Magnum truly is your one stop shop for all things in the world of hunting adventure to get you there and back as efficiently as possible, leaving more time for the enjoyment of the adventure.

The story of Sportsman’s Guide is simple and straightforward… guaranteed lowest prices on a huge selection of name-brand outdoor gear, clothing and footwear, with fast, courteous service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ve been outfitting America’s outdoorsmen since our very first catalog hit the streets in 1977.

Plano is a company founded on the belief that outdoor adventures go beyond the fish you catch or the game you carry out, but the experience you take in. These experiences are unlimited and available to everyone, and we appreciate and understand the determination outdoorsmen have to pursue their passion because we are a company built on that same passion and love for the outdoors. We've been supplying outdoor enthusiasts with equipment protection and storage solutions for over 60 years, and there's a 4 in 5 chance that if you own a tackle box, it was made by Plano. Plano acquired Frabill in 2012, creating a partnership with over 135 years of combined industry experience, values, and product quality. These iconic brands, combined with Tenzing hunting packs, provide an unmatched portfolio of products for the outdoor industry. We're proud of our heritage and humbled by the countless anglers, hunters and shooters that trust us with the safekeeping of their equipment.

Rob and Jackie Dunham have been in the outfitting business for over 20 years and are recognized as one of the premiere operators in Canada. At Dunhams, we excel in the field and take great care of your trophies and meat. We believe that our exceptional service is the key to our success.

Nikon is the world leader in Sports Optics and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance. The unique strength of the Nikon brand is attributable to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, performance, technology and innovation. Nikon Inc. markets and distributes Riflescopes, Fieldscopes and Binoculars.

Our goal at Outdoor Edge is to combine functional design with the sharpest, best edge holding steels, state of the art production processes and hand craftsmanship to create the finest quality knives and hand tools for the big game hunter. I personally develop and field test each product on a variety of game to ensure the highest performance and stand behind everything we make with a Lifetime Warranty. We appreciate your interest in Outdoor Edge products and thank you for visiting Outdoor Edge Online.

With over 30 years of combined management experience in polymer manufacturing, design and chemical analysis our team has created a unique one of a kind product line that will withstand all you can throw at it! Extreme temperature variations, UV, water, diesel fuel, oil, gasoline and much more! They are safer, stronger and Better for any industrial or leisure application. We then took this to the next level and made it lighter in weight so they are easily stored and come in many colors to make your adventure fun or for storage and organization ideas! Our Bungee cords, straps and rope are Better, Safer, Stronger and can be used and counted on to perform under extreme weather conditions.

Hi Mountain creates high quality Jerky and meat processing products and seasonings for hunters, game processors and home chefs who want to make their own home-made food. Their gourmet seasoning blends are made with hearty, pure spices and have a Western flair. Their products allow you to make delicious, homemade jerky, sausage, smoked meats and more.

Koola Buck is the first ever collapsible and portable walk-in cooler system. Perfect for aging your game animals, catering, parties and special events.

25 years of deer management experience in Nebraska has made us a top producer of giant free range, fair chase, farm country whitetails and Merriam’s turkey. Our own ranches in this beautiful part of the state means we are able to manage the croplands, cattle pastures and wildlife areas to insure a quality hunt year in and year out. Our efforts on these ranches have produced personal best whitetail for dozens of hunters over the years. But these results only come with very limited harvest, so the offer to hunt the Prairie King Ranches is available to only 8 deer hunters and 15 turkey hunters annually.

Battenfield is the industry leading manufacturer of shooting, reloading, gunsmithing and gun cleaning supplies. We produce innovative, top quality products under the brands consumers recognize and have learned to trust. Our Engineering staff is dedicated to delivering superior products through an intensive ISO 9001:2000 process. With great retail packaging, an aggressive advertising campaign and a professional staff focused on customer service Battenfeld is committed to excellence and eager to earn your business.

At B&W Trailer Hitches, we stand for the future of American manufacturing.  The US has lost 1.9 million manufacturing jobs to China alone over the last decade.1  "Made in America" can succeed, but only if we rely on the principles that work in our own neighborhoods.  We grow by earning trust and improving customer value, not by cutting costs.  We treat each other as family, not as "labor" exportable to the lowest bidder.  We let people use cutting-edge technology to make things safer, easier, and higher quality, rather than let technology use us.  We respond to customers and changing markets by being right-sized and flexible, not just bigger.

Our mission is to provide quality adventures to small groups of outdoor enthusiasts. We concentrate on personal service, ease of transportation, safety, fair chase and of course location, location, location! We have been one step ahead of the caribou migration for over 30 years and have maintained a 90-100% success rate throughout. We are outfitters - not salesmen, and as a family run business we strive to create lifetime memories for groups of family and friends in an area that is out of this world, and close to our hearts.

Although still a young company, Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. has firmly placed its mark in the history of American shooting sports by having set a standard of quality formerly reserved only to custom gun makers.  In 1990, a handful of former employees from Kimber of Oregon, with over 50 years in combined experience, set out to design and build the finest production rifles made in the United States.  With the development of the Model 36 TRP-1, and the Model 38 in 22CCM in a traditional sporting stock design, the Cooper reputation for craftsmanship and accuracy had begun.

With a team of devoted craftsmen, a skilled design crew and a dedication to quality and customer service, the future of Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. is guaranteed to continue at a level well above the competition.

The Kelly family in Ireland pioneered the development of the Kelly Kettle camping kettle and now, for over 100 years, the unique Kelly Kettle has made boiling water in the outdoors quick and easy - even in extreme weather conditions. Any natural fuel can be used to burn and create the fire which will quickly bring the water in the kettle to a rolling boil. Since only natural fuel is used you don’t have to worry about carrying gas or batteries or other types of fuel with you. Safe and easy to use, the Kelly Kettle will be one of your most used and valued pieces of camping gear. Now with the new Hobo Stove, the Kelly Kettle is a great little camp stove, too. 
Under our brand you'll find an original and unique mix of products and information, but you should also notice a central theme.  Unlike any company in the world, we have addressed the need for efficiency and mobility for those who hit the trail, or the fire escape, or the rappel line, while carrying weapons.  The basis of our ability to do this comes from our founder's experience in the Olympic sport of biathlon, in hardcore solo wilderness hunting, in applying our essential understanding of the military, and above all in listening to our customers.  We jump in and get dirty with them.  We're not afraid to throw a little weight onto our backs and see what happens, both metaphorically and physically.  And we always look for a better way to get the job done.  We'll do our best to give you perfection.  And we think that you'll find our products at a level that's on par with the very best brands in the outdoor gear and shooting sports industries.  We stand behind everything that we make, and we're certain that here, you will find original thought.

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